Monday, June 1, 2009

My Little Princess

I just couldn't resist sharing pictures of my Avery. When she was younger she was not into the princess stuff, but once her Pama (grandma) gave her The Little Mermaid video, she was hooked! Her Grana ended up getting her one of each of the princess dresses with the shoes and wands and I got her each of the crowns to match (you can tell from the pictures that she puts her own crowns on~lol). She practically lives in her princess dresses and has tons of regular clothes that have all of the Disney Princesses on them. She is also dressing up her baby sister, Sydney, already too (Sydney is only a year old so she will be hooked from the beginning). This is just a collection of pictures that I have been able to get; she wears a dress for about a week and then the next week she will be another princess which she insists on being called that princess' name also. It is really cute. Thank you all for letting me share these with you. ~Stephanie Laissle

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