Monday, June 15, 2009

Yunginz Are Here!

They have arrived!! The newest in kids shoe fashion. Click here to order your pair today! (More styles coming everyday) Here is what the 2 "mums" of Yunginz have to say:

"The Yunginz™ brand came to fruition in 2007 when Jenny Celebrin got frustrated with not being able to purchase trendy shoes in small sizes for her daughter. All the decent fashionable shoes seemed to only be available from a size 12 and upwards so the challenge was on!
Teaming up with Yolanda La GorcĂ© - another mum (also good friend and designer extraordinaire!) Jenny and Yolanda combined their marketing and design skills and Yunginz™ was born.
We want all young children to look cool in Yunginz™ shoes - that’s why Yunginz™ is all about being able to provide trendy, comfortable fitting shoes at prices that are affordable to everyone, and easy to find!
We are extremely proud to be able to fill the gap in the market and assist those other parents who have also struggled to find stylish shoes for their small children. After all, happy child means happy parents!
We are constantly designing new footwear and providing a point of difference in the market. Go on, check out our range and treat your kids to a pair of Yunginz™ shoes - we guarantee your kids (and their feet) will love you for it!"

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